Main topics

The purpose of the conference is to broaden knowledge, exchange scientific experience, as well as teaching that is directly related to the industry or profession and is intended to update knowledge for professional purposes. During the event, papers of educational, didactic and scientific nature will be delivered. 

The topics of proposed presentations will include:

  • management of water space and neighbouring areas,
  • tourism and recreation,
  • agritourism;
  • urban planning, architecture and construction,
  • GIS in land management,
  • social and economic aspects of water management and its surroundings,
  • technologies of spatial data acquisition,
  • geography of streams and water reservoirs,
  • water resource management,
  • water law,
  • spatial phenomena related to water,
  • trends in agricultural and forestry land management,
  • sociological, psychological and theological aspects of management of water space and its surroundings,
  • geodesy in spatial planning,
  • and others related to the above topics.