Aims and scope


  1. Sharing the thoughts about and insights into the current economic issues within the community of researchers and scientists, from the national, international and global perspective.
  2. Disseminating the results of the latest research and development projects conducted in the national and international research centres.

"Olsztyn Economic Journal" is an important platform for the scientific community to share ideas. The journal publishes original results of studies carried out by Polish and foreign academics in the field of social sciences, in the disciplines: economics and finance, as well as management and quality studies.
The subject scope of papers published in "Olsztyn Economic Journal" covers:

  1. Macroeconomic issues, including: economic growth and sustainable development, labour market, European economic integration, regional policy and local policy;
  2. Microeconomics issues, such as: the functioning of households and enterprises, innovativeness of business companies, business environment institutions,
  3. Issues connected with management and quality studies, such as: management of a company, management of human resources, social responsibility of companies.