Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to “Olsztyn Economic Journal” should be prepared in accordance with the guidelines of the editorial board.

The first page of the article should contain:

  • the title of the article,
  • the author’s first name and last name,
  • name of the research institution represented by the author (faculty, university),
  • author’s ORCID number (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) written as follows: 
  • author’s e-mail address.

The following should be given below:

  • JEL codes (2-4 codes), in accordance with the JEL Classification Codes Guide, available on the website,
  • key words (no more than 5 words or phrases),
  • abstract (up to 0,5 page), which should include information about the objective, subject, methodology and results of the study.

All this information should be provided first in English and then in Polish (sample first page of the article can be found in the tab Documents and Forms).

Each article should have the following distinct sections:

  • introduction with a clearly formulated objective,
  • description of the research methodology,
  • description and interpretation of the research results,
  • summary or conclusions,
  • references.

The length of the article, including the abstract, should not exceed 12 pages.

Formatting the text in the file: Submission Guidelines