Publication procedures

General remarks

Polish authors submit articles in Polish and in English. In order to ensure high quality of linguistic editing of the journal, the article should be verified by native English speaker(s). The costs of translating/verifying the article are borne by the Authors.

Foreign authors submit articles in English. Additionally, the title, key words and abstract of the article should be submitted in Polish.

Authors submit their article by the Journal e-Platform of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

Articles are subject to formal evaluation, initial evaluation by the editor-in-chief and associate editors, and then to evaluation by external reviewers and the statistical editor.

The formal evaluation is made by the editorial secretary and refers, among other things, to: the length of the article, the inclusion of the title, abstract and key words (in Polish and English) and correctly formatted bibliography. Articles which do not meet the guidelines are sent back to Authors for revision. Articles which meet the guidelines are subject to evaluation by the editor-in-chief and subject editors, who assess its scientific character and relevance to the thematic scope of the journal. After a positive internal evaluation articles are submitted to the evaluation by external reviewers, who are appointed by the editor-in-chief.

The reviewing procedure:

  1. At least two independent reviewers from research institutions other than the one with which the Author is affiliated are appointed to evaluate each article.
  2. At least one of the reviewers is affiliated in an foreign institution other than the Author’s nationality.
  3. The Author or Authors do not know the identities of the reviewers and vice versa (double-blind review process). As regards the relations between the author and the reviewer, there is no:
    1. direct personal relationship,
    2. professional supervisor-subordinate relation,
    3. direct scientific collaboration in the course of the last two years preceding the preparation of the review.
  4. The editorial board follows procedures preventing ghostwriting and guest authorship. Detailed description of the procedures can be found in the tab Documents and Forms.
  5. The reviewer is obliged to abide by the copyrights. In the case of detecting copyright infringement by the Author, the reviewer is obliged to report it to the editorial board of the journal.
  6. The reviewer is required to keep confidential all details of the article as well as the peer review process.
  7. The review is submitted in the written form and ends with a clear statement as to whether the article is accepted for publication or rejected.
  8. Only articles which have two positive reviews are submitted for printing. If one of the reviews is negative, the article is submitted for evaluation to a third reviewer.
  9. The review form is available in the tab Documents and Forms.
  10. Names of the reviewers for individual issues of the journal are available in the current issue and in the tab Reviwers.

After receiving two positive reviews and taking into considerations the reviewers’ corrections and recommendations the Author revises the article and submits to the editorial board the following:

  1. the final version of the article in English, together with the title, key words and abstract in Polish and English,
  2. responses to reviews,
  3. the Author’s statement (the relevant form can be found in the tab Documents and Forms),
  4. information about the name and last name of the translator and the native speaker,
  5. consent for the processing of personal data (the relevant form can be faund in the tab Documents and Forms).

The final version of the article submitted by the author will be verified by the statistical editor.