Discover UWM in Olsztyn

At the University of Warmia and Mazury, you will combine studying with pleasures. We are delighted that it is within the halls of our university that you will enter into a life full of joy and unforgettable moments of student life. Get to know our university and decide for yourself which opportunities you will take advantage of.


Close, even closer - Kortowo

Most of the academic buildings are located in Kortowo, so depending on your chosen field of study, this will be the place where your new life unfolds: educational and social.

Kortowo is the most beautiful campus in Poland. You will judge for yourself, but the exceptional location of our student town, its proximity to forests and lakes, excellent transportation connections to other parts of the city, as well as the extensive cultural, entertainment, and sports facilities, make an impression on virtually everyone. This unique atmosphere and student vibe encourage both studying amidst nature and engaging in many other activities related to passions and interests. Everything you need for your daily functioning is here: shops, student clubs, dining options, and a rich recreational infrastructure. In total, there are 230 hectares of space ready for your arrival.

Open borders - ERASMUS+, MOST

We facilitate our students' education abroad by effectively implementing the ERASMUS+ program. Through it, you can travel to a selected country, experience its culture, make new friendships, and learn a foreign language. It's not only an opportunity for professional and social discoveries but also a true life adventure. We also carry out the MOST program, which enables you to study at one of the 20 selected universities in Poland for a semester or even a whole year.

Study and live - Student Dormitories

Kortowo. It's an affordable and convenient solution that allows you to forget about daily commutes to the university, as reaching the beach, charming forest, club, or library will take you less than a moment. You have a choice of 10 student houses where you will find free Wi-Fi, quiet study rooms, exercise rooms, and TVs. In each of them, you will establish new friendships (which supposedly last a lifetime) and experience the true essence of student life and independence. The student dormitories are managed by the Żak Foundation.

Indulge in Kortowo - Gastronomy

We won't let you go hungry. We have prepared a gastronomic offer in our student town so that you can eat affordably and well. Sometimes it will be homestyle cooking - just like at mom's, and other times it will be in the Warmian style, so you can experience the flavors of the region. You have at your disposal, among others: the Centrum Buffet, Kwadrans Canteen, , Bar u Michała,  "Biblioteka Cafe" Café, as well as the Cafe Bar in the University Hospital, which is located outside of Kortowo.

Doors to Knowledge - University Library

In the modern building of the University Library, you will find tranquility and the perfect place for studying. It offers spacious interiors that are conducive to individual and group work. By utilizing the extensive collection of books and publications, you can easily prepare for classes and exams. You will also find computer workstations, workspaces for people with disabilities, self-checkout machines for borrowing books, and, in case your studies consume you for long hours, a cafeteria and snack vending machines.


Studying for Everyone - University Support Center

We create a support system that provides psychological assistance to our students. We understand the many challenges that young people face, so we are here to help you find your own path.

At the Psychological Support and Psychoeducation Center "Empatia," you can receive psychological help, guidance, and advice on dealing with emotions, addictions, abusive and toxic relationships. We also have tools that can help you develop your interpersonal skills. We are here to facilitate your understanding of the world, other people, and above all, yourself.

Through the Office for People with Disabilities, we create a friendly environment for individuals facing various limitations. We facilitate studying, eliminate barriers you may encounter, and offer solutions that ensure your disability does not hinder your pursuit of knowledge.

The Equality Advocate at the University of Warmia and Mazury is your support in case you encounter situations of unequal treatment based on gender, age, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin, among others. Their primary role is to establish equal standards in the academic environment.

Student Celebration - Kortowiada

Kortowiada is the Olsztyn's student festival, hailed as the best in Poland. It is a time when students of the University of Warmia and Mazury take over the keys to the city. Their presence is marked by a joyful, loud, and colourful Parade of Faculties, which moves through the city center all the way to Kortowo. During this May celebration, the student town transforms into a giant playground where the academic community comes together for competitions, original challenges, and star-studded concerts.

Financial Support - Scholarships

Scholarships offered by the University of Warmia and Mazury are designed to support your studies and mitigate social barriers. They also serve as recognition for outstanding academic achievements.

At our university, you can apply for:

  • Rector's Scholarship - awarded for academic, sports, and artistic achievements, as well as a high GPA. Only 10% of students from each field of study receive this scholarship. It's worth competing for!
  • Minister's Scholarship - you can receive it for exceptional academic, artistic, and sports achievements.
  • Scholarship for Students with Disabilities - financial assistance available if you have documented disabilities.
  • Social Scholarship - dedicated to those facing difficult financial situations. It is determined based on the income per family member of the student.
  • Emergency Assistance - a one-time financial aid provided in case of difficult circumstances such as the death of a close family member, serious illness, loss of a stable source of income, or other unforeseen events. Remember that you can receive this aid twice a year.
  • Student Loan - enables you to support yourself during your studies. Repayment of the loan begins two years after completing your studies, and the interest is covered by the state budget. The loan amount can also be forgiven. The only requirement is maintaining good academic performance!


Cultural Engagement - Academic Culture Center

Studying is not just about academics! The Academic Culture Center brings together various activities where you can discover your artistic calling. If you have a passion for music, you can join the Folk Song and Dance Ensemble "Kortowo," the Academic Orchestra UWM, or the Vocal Studio. You might find a new passion in the ARTEMIS Hunting Signaling Team. If you're interested in sports, you should check out the UWM Yacht Club, Academic Archery Club, University HONEYBADGES Team, or the Academic Sailing Club SZKWAŁ. If you're into fantasy and science fiction, you can join the Academic Club of Fantasy Enthusiasts OLIFANT. For photography, there's the Student Photography Agency "Jamnik," and for theater, the Student Theater "CEZAR" or the alternative KloszART Theater.

If you have a nose for news and a knack for journalism, be sure to explore the kortowo media outlets: Radio UWM FM, KORTOWO TV, and "Uniwersyteckie Wiadomości" (University News).

At the Faculty of Arts, the first academic Musical Theater UWM in Poland awaits you, combining people passionate about musicals on its stage. And if you're fascinated by choral works, join the University Choir named after Prof. Wiktor Wawrzyczek, which has been active for over 70 years.