Equal treatment

How to report a case?

To report a case, fill in the documents available here then deliver them to the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson in person or by traditional post.


The Equal Opportunity Ombudsperson

The Equal Opportunity Ombudsperson deals with cases of unequal treatment, including those caused by:gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, religion or political views.
Work of the Equal Opportunity Ombudsperson takes into account the principle of equality, which is fundamental in the legal system, and the equality standards developed in the academic environment.

mgr Mateusz Dampc
E: mateusz.dampc@uwm.edu.pl

T: +48 511 863 274

ul. Prawocheńskiego 3

10-719 Olsztyn, room no. 5 (ground floor)




Equality Specialist

The main purpose of the position is to perform tasks related to the implementation of equality policy at the University. The main task of the Equality Specialist is, among others: diagnosis, evaluation and monitoring of the existing systemic and institutional solutions and legal regulations at UWM in terms of ensuring the principle of equal treatment, implementation and evaluation of the Gender Equality Plan for UWM, which includes specific activities, indicators and their schedule as well as the implementation or promotion, popularisation and propagation of the issue of equal treatment. It may be achieved by undertaking activities of educational and informative character in order to raise awareness concerning equality, organizing conferences, debates and meetings devoted to the issue of equal rights, co-creating equality/anti-discrimination courses and training sessions.

dr hab. Katarzyna Ćwirynkało, prof. UWM
E:: k.cwirynkalo@uwm.edu.pl
T: +48 606 141 691

ul. Dybowskiego 13 B1.27

10-719 Olsztyn


Office hours: week A/B on Wednesdays, a meeting may be arranged only after prior arrangement of the date and time of the meeting either by making a phone call at +48 606 141 691 or via sending an e-mail to the following address: k.cwirynkalo@uwm.edu.pl