Projekt finansowany w ramach programu Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego pod nazwą "Wsparcie dla czasopism naukowych", nr umowy 412/WCN/2019/1. Środki finansowe na realizację projektu w latach 2019–2020 wynoszą 83 294 zł.


No. 10 2007

Impact of Laser Light and Magnetic Field Stimulation on the Process of Buckwheat Seed Germination

Authors: Anna Ciupak, Izabela Szczurowska, Bożena Gładyszewska, Stanisław Pietruszewski
Keywords: buckwheat, germination, laser stimulation, magnetic field, simulation model

Germination of Buckwheat Seeds Subject to Storage Time and Electromagnetic Stimulation Methods

Authors: Anna Ciupak, Izabela Szczurowska, Bożena Gładyszewska, Stanisław Pietruszewski
Keywords: buckwheat, storage time, physical stimulating factors

Model Method for Economically Reasonable Choice of Agricultural Machine

Author: Jan Pawlak
Keywords: model, simulation studies, harvester thresher, operation cost, choice, method

Permeability of Polymeric Packaging Materials

Authors: Stanislav Zeman, Lubomír Kubík
Keywords: gas diffusion, Fick's laws, methods of permeability determination

Mechanical Properties to Measure Resistance of Food Packaging Materials to External Influences

Author: Stanislav Zeman
Keywords: loading force, modulus in elasticity in tension, tensile strength, relative elongation

Optimization of the Construction of a Pressure Tank Using CAD/CAE Systems

Authors: Jerzy Domański, Grzegorz Żywica
Keywords: pressure tank, optimalization of construction, CAD/CAE

Possibilities of Application of Stochastic Process Theory in Evaluation of Tribological Experiment

Authors: Ján Prsan, Marian Kucera
Keywords: statistical dynamics, stochastic process, power spectral density, autocorrelation function, tribologic experiment

An Algorithm for Handling Experimental Data of PERiodical Processes with Microsoft EXCEL

Authors: Jurij Dobriański, Michał Duda
Keywords: periodical processes, data filtering, data handling, experimental data, periodical processes, measurement noise

Study of Negative Pressure in Suction PROPeller and Tube Agitators

Authors: Anatoliy Molchanov, Andrzej Wróblewski
Keywords: suction agitators, negative pressure, velocity, intensity

Relations Among Strength and Structure Osteoporotic and Coxarthrotic Trabecular Bone

Authors: Adam Mazurkiewicz, Tomasz Topoliński
Keywords: trabecular bone, osteoporosis, coxarthrosis, structure, strength

The Singularities at the Vicinity of the Triple Point of Contact of Three Orthotropic Wedges in Plane Elasticity

Author: Aleksandra Wieromiej-Ostrowska
Keywords: anisotropic elasticity, stress singularities