Projekt finansowany w ramach programu Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego pod nazwą "Wsparcie dla czasopism naukowych", nr umowy 412/WCN/2019/1. Środki finansowe na realizację projektu w latach 2019–2020 wynoszą 83 294 zł.


No. 8 2005

Janusz Badur, Sławomir K. Białas, Henryk Budzeń, Stefan Cacoń, Czesław Goss, Stanisław Latour, Witold Łukaszewicz, Ryszard Michalski, Leszek Mieszkalski, Janusz Piechocki, Andrzej Seweryn, Alojzy Wasilewski, Zbigniew P. Zagórski, Bogdan Żółtkowski, Aleksy Tralle

On capability of using a four point sphere probe to flow velocity measurement

Author: Zygmunt Wierciński
Keywords: measurement technique, flow velocity measurement, sphere probe

Radon exhalation from building materials and soil

Author: Halina Pieńkowska
Keywords: radon, radon isotope, radionuclide, alpha particles, synergy effect, epidemiological research, relative risk

Technical design project modernization as a basis for implementing food safety assurance systems in foodservice

Authors: Wiesława Grzesińska, Anna Mieszkalska
Keywords: technological project modernization, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Hygienic Practice (GHP)

Integration of GPS and pseudolites - effect on the positioning accuracy

Authors: Zofia Rzepecka, Alojzy Wasilewski, Sławomir Cellmer
Keywords: pseudolites, DOP factors, positioning accuracy, satellite configuration

Deformations of concrete ace rockfill dams (CFRDs) resting on soil foundation

Authors: Michel Massiéra, Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski, Janelle Vautour, Yousef Hammamji
Keywords: conrete face, rockfill dams, diformations

Application of the ABSA-PPL survey-diagnostic system in experimental research

Authors: Safa Abbas, Bogdan Wolski
Keywords: engineering surveying, measurement systems

Fracture of elastic dielectrics in an electric field

Author: Zofia T. Kurlandzka
Keywords: fracture, electric field, elastic dielectric

On the singularities at the tips of orthotropic wedges in plane elasticity (Part one)

Authors: Andrzej Blinowski, Aleksandra Wieromiej-Ostrowska
Keywords: anisotropic elasticity, stress singularities

The design and dimensions of lead angles and large pitches of thread rolling rollers

Author: Kazimierz Łyczko
Keywords: thread rolling, rollers - construction and calculation

Distribution of the allowance of material displaced during thread rolling by the longitudinal method

Author: Kazimierz Łyczko
Keywords: Thread rolling, longitudinal method, thread rolling die design

Selected problems of fatigue of materials and construction elements

Author: Sylwester Kłysz
Keywords: fatigue of materials, crack initiation and propagation, crack propagation models and laws, fatigue test specimens

Effect of overloads on the fatigue crack growth in metals

Author: Sylwester Kłysz
Keywords: fatigue crack growth, overloads, Wheeler's retardation model

Fatigue life analysis of construction elements used in aviation

Author: Sylwester Kłysz
Keywords: fatigue analysis, durability, aviation construction elements

Load sequence influence on low cycle fatigue life

Author: Sylwester Kłysz
Keywords: low cycle fatigue (LCF) tests, durability, load history

Mathematical model of the rotor system of a sugar centrifuge ACWW 1000

Authors: Stanisław Woroszył, Krzysztof Ligier, Paweł Mikołajczak
Keywords: sugar centrifuge, centrifuge basket, mathematical model, equations of motion, Euler angles, gyroscopic phenomenon

Numeric modeling of the referential status of a structure subject to corrosion degradation

Author: Waldemar Dudda
Keywords: cyclic load, corrosion degradation, energetic criterion

Selected technical problems with polymer application on slide way

Authors: Elżbieta Bociąga, Włodzimierz Baranowski
Keywords: metal working machine, slide way, polymer

Mathematical model for evaluating the operation quality of transport systems

Authors: Łukasz Muślewski, Maciej Woropay
Keywords: operation quality of the system, evaluation method, mathematical model of evaluation, metric space

Variability of solar irradiance

Authors: Teolan Tomson, Enn Mellikov, Viivi Russak, Ain Kallis
Keywords: Beam-, diffuse-, global- and alternating irradiance, correlation analysis

Model for estimating the quality parameters of electric energy supplied to customers in rural areas

Author: Piotr Kolber
Keywords: unbalanced load, simulation model, electric energy quality

Synergy between computer science and business - business intelligence systems

Author: Halina Tańska
Keywords: nformation, data processing, knowledge management and processing, Business Intelligence systems, development of BI systems,data warehouse, OLAP systems - data mining

Educational application of the program excel

Author: Waldemar Marzęcki
Keywords: urban planning, spatial continuity diagram, microsoft excel, teaching

Didactic images and the understanding of electronic technology

Authors: Aleksander Marszałek
Keywords: understanding of technology, didactic images, electronic technology

Entrepreneurship and ergonomics in technical-it education

Authors: Iwona Korcz, Bogusław Pietrulewicz
Keywords: entrepreneurship, ergonomic preparation, technical-IT education, education

Mind maps - a creative thinking tool in information technology

Author: Ewa Siwczuk
Keywords: mind maps, Mind Mapping, information technology