Projekt finansowany w ramach programu Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego pod nazwą "Wsparcie dla czasopism naukowych", nr umowy 412/WCN/2019/1. Środki finansowe na realizację projektu w latach 2019–2020 wynoszą 83 294 zł.


No. 13 2010

Janusz Badur, Stanisław Borkowski, Jarosław Bosy, Stefan Cacoń, Romana Cielątkowska, Tadeusz Juliszewski, Zbigniew Kacprzyk, Roman Kadaj, Józef Koszkul, Barbara Krzysztofik, Danuta Leśniewska, Bogusława Łapczyńska-Kordon, Stanisław Maciejewski, Marek Molenda, Ryszard Myhan, Marian B. Nantka, Mykhaylo Pashechko, Leonard Runkiewicz, Ziemowit Suligowski, Jędrzej Trajer, Robert Ulewicz, Jerzy Weres

Mathematical Modeling of Bed Geometry in the Cultivation of Seed Potatoes

Author: Olga Duber-Skwarska
Keywords: potato, bed cultivation, theoretical analysis

Modeling the Natural Convection Heating of Liquid in a Vertical Cylinder

Authors: Konrad Nowak, Marek Markowski, Ewelina Sztorc
Keywords: natural convection, vertical cylinder, liquid food, modeling

The Use of Ultrasonic Methods in the Identification of Honey Types

Authors: Arkadiusz Ratajski, Ireneusz Białobrzewski, Fabian Dajnowiec, Sławomir Bakier
Keywords: ultrasound, identification, honey

Comprehensive Model of Processes Proceeding at a Mushroom-Growing Cellar

Authors: Ewa Wachowicz, Leonard Woroncow
Keywords: mushroom-growing cellar, modeling, simulation

Determination of the Physical Characteristics of Food Raw Materials by Spectrophotometry - The Example of Honey

Authors: Piotr Zapotoczny, Tomasz Kawałko, Sławomir Bakier
Keywords: honey, color, L*a*b*, storage, discrimination

A Flood Embankment Under Changing Water Level Conditions - A Comparison of a Physical and a Numerical Model

Authors: Jarosława Kaczmarek, Danuta Leśniewska
Keywords: flood embankments, changes in the water level, modeling, FEM caluclations, PIV method

Hydro- and Lithodynamic Aspects of Constructing a Navigable Canal Through the Vistula Spit - Part 2

Authors: Leszek M. Kaczmarek, Jarosław Biegowski, Joanna B. Skillandat
Keywords: the Vistula Spit, the Vistula Lagoon, cutting, navigable canal, fairway, breakwater, sediment transport, non-homogenous sediments, silting up of a fairway

Taking Subsoil Susceptibility into Account in Designing Columns in Reinforced Single-Storey Structures

Authors: Krzysztof Klempka, Michał Knauff
Keywords: subsoil susceptibility, effective length of columns, method based on nominal stiffness, second order effects, reinforced concrete buildings, reinforced concrete structures

Historic Spatial Layouts in Small Towns in Warmia and Their Role in the Current Life of Inner Town Areas

Author: Marek Zagroba
Keywords: architecture, urbanism, renovation, revitalization, conservation of historic buidlings, historic conservation zone

The Effect of the Fuel Type on the Value of Primary Energy and Emmission of Pollutants

Authors: Piotr Bogacz, Jacek Zabielski
Keywords: certificate of energetic characteristic, energetic audit, emission of pollutants to atmosphere, alternative sources of energy

Influence of Green Areas on Urban Landscape

Author: Joanna Agnieszka Pawłowicz
Keywords: urban landscape, town planning, urban green areas

Antenna Phase Center Variations Corrections in Processing of Gps Observations with Use of Commercial Software

Author: Karol Dawidowicz
Keywords: GPS antenna, phase center variations, GNSS data processing

Initial Use of Statistical Analysis for Estimation of Horizontal Accuracy of Large-Scale Digital Maps

Author: Adam Doskocz
Keywords: digital map, horizontal accuracy, statistical analysis

Quasigeoid for the Area of Poland Computed by Least Squares Collocation

Author: Adam Łyszkowicz
Keywords: gravity field, geoid, collocation

Accuracy Evaluation of the Successive Campaigns of the Precise Levelling in Poland

Authors: Adam Łyszkowicz, Anna Bernatowicz
Keywords: levelling networks, random errors, systematic errors

Experimental Solar Installation with a Self-Acting Circulation Pump, Powered by Local Heat

Authors: Jurij Dobriański, Michał Duda
Keywords: solar energy, solar installation, circulation pump

Torque of the Operator's Upper Extremity in Relation to its Orientation within a Normal Working Space

Author: Joanna Hałacz
Keywords: torque of the upper extremity, ergonomy, anthropometry

The Influence of Repeated Heating and Cooling Process on the Transformation Characteristics in Ni-Ti Alloy

Author: Krzysztof Kuś
Keywords: Ni-Ti alloy, heating and cooling cycles, DSC, transformation behaviour

Abrasive Wear of the Alsi12Mg With Al-Si Alloy for Casting Machine Parts

Authors: Tomasz Lipiński, Mirosław Bramowicz, Paweł Szabracki, Paweł Mikołajczyk, Marcin Cudakiewicz
Keywords: Al-Si alloys, silumin, mechanical properties, structure, abrasive wear

Influence of Processing Multiplicity on Values of Mass Flow Rate and Melt Volume Rate of Polycarbonate

Authors: Piotr Mazur, Daniel Jasiukiewicz
Keywords: polymers, mass flow rate, volume rate, recycling

Influence Of Processing Multiplicity On Values Of Mass Flow Rate And Melt Volume Rate Of Pps

Authors: Piotr Mazur, Piotr Smoleński
Keywords: polymers,mass flow rate, volume rate, recycling

An Attempt To Improve The Axisymmetric Model Of A Pneumatic Tire

Author: Józef Pelc
Keywords: tire, cord-rubber composite, deformation modeling, finite element method

Jet Pumps - Numerical Modeling Possibilities Upon The Bifurcation Phenomena

Author: Wojciech Sobieski
Keywords: flow bifurcation, jet pumps, CFD

Examples of Using the Finite Volume Method for Modeling Fluid-Solid Systems

Author: Wojciech Sobieski
Keywords: CFD, Porous Media Model, Eulerian Multiphase Model, fluid-solid systems

The Computer Analysis Shape of Reflexes Xrd on the Basis of X2CrNiMoN25-7-4 Steel

Authors: Paweł Szabracki, Mirosław Bramowicz, Tomasz Lipiński
Keywords: XRD diffractometry, XRD, Pearson VII, Gauss, Cauchy