Projekt finansowany w ramach programu Ministerstwa Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego pod nazwą "Wsparcie dla czasopism naukowych", nr umowy 412/WCN/2019/1. Środki finansowe na realizację projektu w latach 2019–2020 wynoszą 83 294 zł.


No. 7 2004

Application of Geostatistics to Evaluation of Penetrometric Measurements

Author: Jozef Bajla
Keywords: evaluation of tillage technologies, penetration measurements, geostatistics, geostatistical methods, Surfer program

Stabilization of oat Groats by Infrared Treatment

Authors: Stefan Cenkowski, Alison R. Bale, William E. Muir, Noel D. G. White, Susan D. Arntfield
Keywords: oat groats, micronization, infrared heating, enzyme inactivation, peroxidase

Processing Conditions for Micronization of Peas (Pisum sativum) and an in-vitro evaluation of the product

Authors: Susan D. Arntfield, Mark Z. Zhang, C. Martin Nyachoti, Wilhelm Guenter, Stefan Cenkowski
Keywords: micronization, feed, starch gelatinization, viscosity, available lysine

Comparison of several vegetation indices calculated on the basis of a seasonal SPOT XS time series, and their suitability for land cover and agricultural crop identification

Authors: Marek Mróz, Anna Sobieraj
Keywords: vegetation indices, crop identification, SPOT XS

Effects of Casings and Canopy Dividers Installed in a Spraying Unit on Rapeseed Losses During Desiccation

Authors: Dariusz Choszcz, Zdzisław Kaliniewicz, Stanisław Konopka, Adam Lipiński, Piotr Markowski, Tadeusz Rawa
Keywords: rapeseed, desiccation, rapeseed losses, casings, canopy dividers

Temperature Distribution in Seed Mass Stored in a Metallic Silo Immediately After Harvest

Authors: Janusz Bowszys, Jan Grabowski, Jarosław Tomczykowski
Keywords: silos, grain storage, temperatures, solar radiation

Power sources and means of transport in agriculture of the Warmia and Mazury region in Poland

Author: Jan Pawlak
Keywords: tractor, truck, trailer, harvester thresher, equipment, Warmia and Mazury region, Poland

Crack Resistance of Concrete at Transverse Displacement

Authors: Jurij Orlowski, Dariusz Leszczewski, Jurij Pawluk
Keywords: concrete, crack resistance, stress intensity factor

Stability of Polymer Sulfur Concrete With Steel Reinforcement

Authors: Jurij Orlowski, Mariusz Leszczewski, Igor Margal
Keywords: Concrete, corrosion of steel, reinforcement, sulfur concrete

Modelling of Deformations During Construction of a Large Earth Dam in the La Grande Complex, Canada

Authors: Anna Szostak-Chrzanowski, Michel Massiéra
Keywords: Deformation and stress modelling, earth dam, geotechnical parameters

Theoretical Minimum Value of PDOP Determination

Author: Sławomir Cellmer
Keywords: pseudolites, GPS, The Nelder-Mead Simplex Method

Some Concepts of Processing Big Spatial Data Sets

Authors: Krzysztof Bojarowski, Dariusz Gościewski
Keywords: big data set, digital terrain model, spatial information system

Ecological Aspects of Motor Vehicle Operation

Authors: Stanisław Niziński, Krzysztof Ligier
Keywords: operation system, ecology, diagnostic system, maintenance of technical objects, recycling

Singular Stress Fields in the Vicinity of a Sharp Inclusion in an Elastic Matrix

Authors: Andrzej Blinowski, Aleksandra Wieromiej
Keywords: elastic wedge, stress singularity

Changes in Selected Structural Characteristics of Shape Memory Alloys

Authors: Teodor Breczko, Krzysztof Kuś, Janusz Szczepanek
Keywords: TiNi and TiNiCu alloys, shape memory, thermal and mechanical loads, annealing, X-ray diffraction measurements, structural characteristics

Measurement of Elements of the Matrix of Piezoelectric Coefficients in a Ferroelectric Single Crystal

Authors: Teodor Breczko, Andrzej Lempaszek
Keywords: ferroelectric single crystals, piezoelectric coefficients, strains, X-ray diffraction, measurements

Crystallographic and Microstructural Properties of the Ni 2,14 Mn 0,86 Ga Alloy

Authors: Teodor Breczko, Mirosław Bramowicz
Keywords: shape memory alloys, magnetic shape memory, Heusler alloys, Ni-Mn-Ga

Study of Selected Physical and Structural Properties in the Process of Primary Crystallization in the Fe-Cu-Si-B Amorphous Alloy

Authors: Teodor Breczko, Adam Frączyk
Keywords: amorphous alloys, nanocrystalline alloys, structural parameters