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No. 11 2008

Effect of Different Parameters on Clarification Efficiency of Mechanical Clarifier

Authors: Tarak C. Panda, P.K. Omre, B.K. Kumbhar
Keywords: mechanical clarification efficiency, centrifugation, sugarcane juice

Performance of No-Till Drill for Establishment of Rice and its Comparison with Drum Seeder and Conventional Method

Author: T.P. Singh
Keywords: rice seeding methods, rice production economic analysis, no-till drill

Studies on Bio-Energetics of Draught Buffalo

Authors: M.P. Singh, S.C. Sharma
Keywords: respiration rate, pulse rate, rectal temperature, humidity, temperature, speed, inclination of treadmill, draught and fatigue score

An Analysis of Logistic Structure of Farm Tractors Inspections and Repairs in the Aspect of the Calendar of Agrotechnical Operations

Authors: Sławomir Juściński, Wiesław Piekarski
Keywords: logistics, logistic services, farm tractors inspections and repairs

An Analysis of Farm Tractors Sales Results in the Aspect of the Calendar of Agrotechnical Operations

Authors: Sławomir Juściński, Wiesław Piekarski
Keywords: logistics, distribution systems, farm tractors sales

An Analysis of the Territorial Range of Farm Tractors Servicing Realised as an Element of Distribution Logistics

Authors: Sławomir Juściński, Wiesław Piekarski
Keywords: logistics, logistics systems, servicing distribution

Chosen Results of Voltage Asymmetry Simulation Investigations at Rural Consumers Supplied by Low Voltage Power Line

Authors: Piotr Kolber, Janusz Piechocki
Keywords: load asymmetry, simulation program, voltage asymmetry

Simulation Model to Evaluate Voltage Asymmetry in a Rural Low Voltage Power Line

Authors: Piotr Kolber, Janusz Piechocki
Keywords: loads asymmetry, simulation model, voltage asymmetry

Method for Estimation of Efficiency of Using the Biomass for Energy

Author: Jan Pawlak
Keywords: bioenergy, costs, efficiency, calculation, method, model, environment

Analysis of the Efficiency of Cereal Grain and Buckwheat Nutlet Separation in a Grader with Indented Pockets

Author: Zdzisław Kaliniewicz
Keywords: buckwheat, cereal grain, indicators of separation efficiency

Obligatory Inspections of the Equipment to Plant Protection Chemicals Using - Legal Regulations, Testing Procedures and Controversies

Author: Adam J. Lipiński
Keywords: spraying technique, sprayers, periodical investigations

The Plastic Equalization Method for Bending Moments and the Rotation Capacity of Plastic Hinges in Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams in Light of Eurocode Requorements

Authors: Marek Jędrzejczak, Michał Knauff
Keywords: civil engineering, reinforced concrete constructions, redistribution of bending moments, plastic hinges

Renovation of Buildings and Modernization of Built-Up Areas - A Case Study

Author: Barbara M. Deja
Keywords: civil engineering, renovation of buildings, modernization of a built-up area, engineering problems

Possible Applications of Network Methods to Optimalization of Certain Aspects in the Construction Industry Management

Author: Elżbieta Szafranko
Keywords: construction industry, construction industry management, decision problems, theory of networks and graphs

Methods of Calculating Concrete Strain Taking into Account the Nonlinear Creep

Author: Krzysztof Klempka
Keywords: nonlinear creep of concrete, reinforced concrete, strain, stress

The Question of Designing Modern Architecture in Conservation Areas: A Case Study of Kortowo, the Campus of the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn

Authors: Joanna Pawłowicz, Marek Zagroba
Keywords: architecture, urbanism, spatial composition, campus, Kortowo

Modelling of the Silting up Processes In Water Routes of Łeba and Tolkmicko Ports

Authors: Leszek M. Kaczmarek, Szymon Sawczyński
Keywords: sediment transport, grain-size distribution, bathymetry, hydrodynamic parameters, silting

Modelling of the Silting up of Navigation Channels

Author: Leszek M. Kaczmarek
Keywords: transport of bedload and suspended sediments, grain size distribution, surface waving, sea currents, silting up of water routes

Influence of Air Entrappment on Flood Embankment Failure Mechanism - Model Tests

Authors: Piotr Bogacz, Jarosława Kaczmarek, Danuta Leśniewska
Keywords: flood embankment, air trapping, failure mechanism

Split Estimation of Parameters in Functional Geodetic Models

Author: Zbigniew Wiśniewski
Keywords: adjustment, M-estimation

Initial Results of RTK/OTF Positioning Using the Ntrip Data Teletransmission Technology

Authors: Mieczysław Bakuła, Renata Pelc-Mieczkowska, Barbara Chodnicka, Małgorzata Rogala, Arkadiusz Tyszko